Best in Safety,
National Leader in Outcomes

Hartford HealthCare’s most important promise is to provide care that is accessible, affordable, equitable and excellent.

We are proud to be #1 in quality and safety. 

We are proud to be recognized as the nation’s best in heart surgery and kidney transplant surgery and for providing the safest care, in all seven Hartford HealthCare hospitals. This means we offer the safest care in the country, no matter which of our hospitals you choose.

It starts with the heart

We don’t miss a single beat when it comes to cardiac care. Hartford Hospital achieved a perfect score for cardiac surgery from the Society for Thoracic Surgeons. It is one of only a tiny handful of hospitals in the nation to earn this prestigious distinction. 

The Society’s rankings, considered the gold standard, use a one to three-star rating. Hartford Hospital earned a three-star rating—a perfect score-- from the Society for patient care and the best clinical outcomes in the cardiac care including:

  • Aortic valve replacement
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting
  • Mitral valve replacement and repair
  • Combined mitral valve replacement/repair and coronary artery bypass grafting
  • Combined aortic valve replacement/repair and coronary artery bypass grafting

Best Kidney Transplant Results

Hartford Hospital’s kidney transplant program has achieved extraordinary survival rates—the highest kidney graft survival rates in the nation. This means those who have undergone kidney transplants at Hartford Hospital have experienced the most successful transplants along with the best levels of kidney functioning anywhere in the nation following their transplants.

This recognizes that patients who undergo kidney transplants at Hartford Hospital receive unparalleled care both before and after their transplants-- and the best chance to lead their best lives with their new kidney.

HHC Excellence

Akira Do & Sophie Hausmann at 2023 HHC Women's Golf Championship - Epson Tour

#flashbackfriday to last year's Epson Tour, where we chatted with Akira Do, a Physical Therapist with Hartford HealthCare, and Sophie Hausmann, a professional golfer from Germany! They discussed the importance of strength training and building muscle to compete at their highest level on the golf course! 🏌️

Hartford HealthCare Teams up with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Signed, sealed, delivered! 🤝 Hartford HealthCare is honored and excited to be teaming up with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to be able to work together to bring the ultimate cancer care and treatment to our communities! Hear from Peter Yu, as he announces this recent partnership between these two leading forces in cancer care! 💪

Top safety scores mean the best care

Safety comes first—and all seven Hartford HealthCare hospitals aced their scores in rankings from The Leapfrog Group, the nation’s leading independent watchdog for healthcare safety and quality. All seven Hartford Healthcare hospitals received a grade of A from Leapfrog.  This means patients have access to the safest level of care no matter which Hartford HealthCare hospital they choose. Very few health systems in the nation have achieved straight As.

Awards and Accrediations 

We do our homework

Hartford HealthCare’s success is rooted in a relentless commitment to quality and safety.  This includes support and participation from the highest levels of executives within the organization. Hartford Healthcare also provides continuous safety training for colleagues as well as ongoing initiatives designed to improve care and reduce incidents of hospital-acquired infections, pressure ulcers and human errors.

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