In the Reiki I class The Reiki Master Circle (RMC) will team train students to understand Reiki energy and use it to strengthen themselves as well as others they support. Training includes description of the details of our subtle body and how to channel Reiki energy to the energy centers of our body. Then the student will receive Reiki from one of our masters, be attuned to using Reiki energy, and will give a supervised Reiki session. The student will receive a certificate of completion and be certified at Reiki level I. Please contact with any questions.

Proof of vaccination is required to participate in this class.

Registrants are encouraged to dress comfortably and bring a meal/snacks and water. There will be two breaks during the day.


HHC Cancer Institute at HOCC - Conference Room A,B,C,D

183 North Mountain Rd
New Britain, CT 06489


Registration is Required

On Site: Reiki Certification - Level 1

Payment MUST be made via Credit Card


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